Change or Be Changed?

For years, I carried two pieces of paper in my Bible because of the special message they conveyed to me. Since they help me, maybe they will help you too. […]

Footprints on the Sands of Time

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow reminds us that: “Lives of great men all remind usWe can make our lives sublime,And, departing, leave behind usFootprints on the sands of time;” A young minister […]

Much of What I Need to Know Is in Genesis 1, 2

“All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” is a collection of essays written by Robert Fulghum, a Unitarian Universalist minister, that was first published in 1990. It […]

The Greatest Generation

We must thank Tom Brokaw for the nomenclature, “The Greatest Generation!” His 1998 book of that name tells of those after World War II “who came of age during the […]

The Importance of the Dash!

April 1 is my mom and dad’s wedding anniversary (no joke). If they were living in 2021, I believe that this would have been their 87th anniversary. I can remember […]

“The Whole Counsel of God”

The lady came out of the church service and politely shook the hand of the preacher and said, “Great sermon preacher, but why don’t you sometime preach on prayer?” The […]

Cancel Culture in the Church

We have all heard the phrase “cancel culture” on the news. It is a relatively new phrase to most of us. What does it mean? The “Pop Culture Dictionary” defines […]

What Is Past Is Prologue.

“Now that you are retired, what are you going to do?” That is a question that I have heard quite a bit the last year or so. The fact is […]

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